Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do means “Way of the foot and the fist”.

This Martial Art is an ancient form of self defence which develops the Mind and Body.

The Universal Tae Kwon Do Academy teaches both traditional methods of self defence and modern development as an Olympic sport.

Our exciting training sessions vary and may consist of :

Warm up:- Increases fitness, coordination and speed

Stretching:- Decreases the risk of injury and increases flexibility.

Basic Movements:- Improves coordination and confidence.

1 step sparring:- Increase fitness and control.

Competition free Sparring (Full contact option) Helps confidence, teaches, self defence, improves fitness, tones muscles and releases stress.

Patterns:- Increases power, control and balance.

Self defence:- Although all the techniques the above teach you Self Defence, you are shown quick and effective defence techniques to respond to attacks, grabs etc.

Board Breaking:- Develops concentration, self esteem.

Weaponry:- Advanced students study several weapons including swords, batons, knives and nunchaku.